Anu Ring Duo Silver
Anu Ring Duo Silver
Anu Ring Duo Silver
Anu Ring Duo Silver
Anu Ring Duo Silver
Anu Ring Duo Silver

Anu Ring Duo Silver



925 sterling silver, handmade ring


Sumerians named Anu as the god of sky, the lord of heaven, the master of constellations and the king of divinity. Anu, as the representative of God Marduk on earth was the patron deity of Babylon. Around 3000 B.C, Sumerians built The Mountain of God, namely the Tower of Babylon, which is one of the seven wonders of the world, as a seven-storey tower. They believed that they could see Marduk on the seventh floor and reach the sky from there. The design of Anu, representing the sky, might and wisdom – symbolizing the seven floors of the Tower of Babylon with seven triangles on each side,  is now in Luna Merdin…

925 sterling silver

925 sterling silver, oxidized


Luna Merdin stamped authentic design

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You can easily determine your ring size with one of the following two methods.

Finger Size (You can measure the circumference of your finger with the help of a string)

between 5,7 cm and 6,3 cm: ( 20 )

between 6,3 cm and 6,6 cm: ( 23 )

Ring Diameter (You can measure the diameter of one of your existing rings)

between 1,93 cm and 2 cm: ( 20 )

between 2 cm and 2,1 cm: ( 23 )

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