Production Information

All our products are hand-crafted and carefully manufactured by traditional artisanship. We want to carry the crafts that date back to ancient times and are about to die, to the present day and pass them on to new generations. We work with highly esteemed craftspeople from all over Turkey who are experts in their craftsmanship. Our products are worth a lot of manual labor until they are finalized.

Since our products are handmade, each product is different from each other and minor errors may occur. When a change is requested for these minor mistakes, we provide change by adhering to our 100% customer satisfaction policy, but unfortunately, we recycle these products. Even if we recycle the material, the labor of our masters fades away. For sustainability, we kindly ask our customers to remember that the labor of our masters is very valuable.

Our Traditional Craftsmanship

Filigree (Telkari): In filigree craftsmanship, which has a history of about 5000 years, pieces prepared by twisting and folding with silver wires are combined one by one by hand to form patterns.

Mardin Wire Mesh: The wire mesh models that appeared centuries ago in Mardin, the most important city of Mesopotamia, are made by hand knitting silver chains.

Gemstone Mosaic: Gemstones broken apart are combined using mosaic art with a special resin. Then a piece of silver is added on it.

Twisting: In twisting craftsmanship, the history of which dates back to ancient times, silver wires are combined by making twists of certain thicknesses.

Special Color Handmade Enamel: The enamel we prepare with our exclusive color mixtures is processed on our products one by one by hand.

Material Details

14K solid gold


White and Black Diamonds

925 sterling silver

925 sterling silver, 22K micron gold-plated

925 sterling silver, rhodium plated